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Tips for Choosing Fingerprinting Services in Las Vegas
over 1 year ago


Most companies now realize the importance of getting their staff fingerprinted. They want to hire employees who have a clean background. All government employees, doctors, pilots, teachers, security guards or attorneys to mention a few must provide evidence of their integrity and credibility before they get employed. This evidence is known as a criminal history background report. Employees can get fingerprinted by the FBI or police agencies.


But because these offices are often too busy to deal with the number of individuals who are required to be fingerprinted, some private or contracted fingerprinting companies can offer the same services. With a click of the mouse, you will find several fingerprinting sites that can steer you in the right direction for all your fingerprinting needs. How then do know tell apart the best-fingerprinting sites from the rest? Read on as this piece will focus on a few aspects that you need to bear in mind when looking for the best-fingerprinting services in Las Vegas. Check out Fingerprinting Express or discover more tips on finding the best fingerprinting services.


First, it is of paramount importance to check if the company you are considering has been licensed and authorized to offer fingerprinting services. Although every state has its fingerprinting process, most companies have been contracted by FBI or the State Identification Bureau. Visit their website and see whether they have displayed their licenses or business permit.


Most importantly, check the type of fingerprinting method they are using. Currently, there are two methods of fingerprinting which include livescan (electronic) and the ink fingerprinting. The fingerprinting process or technique to be used will depend on what your state or agency requires. For instance, if you live in Pennsylvania and you want to apply for a Nursing License in Nevada, your fingerprints will be collected with the traditional ink fingerprinting method. This is because livescan service is not available in Nevada lines and this would limit you from submitting your prints electronically to Nevada. Pennsylvania and Nevada states cannot link their systems together. Knowing the kind of fingerprint that will be required by your agency or state will help you weed out the fingerprinting company that offers the fingerprinting services you need using the process required by the state or the company that is hiring you.

Ideally, you need a fingerprinting company that will protect your documents. For this reason, check their privacy policy and how they store your fingerprints. Ask them if they keep databases of fingerprints on file. The best fingerprinting service will delete your fingerprints immediately they are fully processed. Besides, the company should guarantee you that all your prints are safe from unauthorized access. You can read more on this here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/gabil-sultanov/how-fingerprints-became-p_b_6165678.html.

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